EMT Overview: All Platform Features

Learn more about each feature available within MyDirectPlan's Expense Management Tool.

This article is for:

  • Passport Agency Staff Users




Please Note:

Each staff member user will only be able to access those specific features to which they have been granted permissions.

For any users that have Full Admin Access, they will have access to all of the following features.

Please refer to this article to adjust permissions for individual staff members.



View key data and metrics across your Agency


Audit Logs

View and download records of staff access/actions


Manage Profile

View and update your Agency’s key information


Manage Invoices

View status and details of submitted invoices 



Download and view reports on many aspects


Manage Workers

Add and update workers/service providers  (if applicable)


Manage Staff

Add and adjust staff permissions


Add Expenses

Enter and log expenses for Recipients


Manage Expenses

Review and submit expenses


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