1.2 How Do I Create My Passport Agency's Profile within MDP?

Follow these steps when creating a brand new Agency Profile for your Passport Agency.

This article is for:

  • Passport Agency Staff Users


Please note:

The following steps should be completed by the person your Passport Agency has designated as the initial Main Admin (permissions and roles can always be re-designated later).


Step 1: 

Create your free Agency account at: https://www.mydirectplan.com/web/#/signup 



Step 2: 

Enter your Passport Agency’s Key Information. Read and accept MDP’s Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.



Step 3: 

Enter your Email and New Password. This person will become your account’s initial Main Admin



Step 4:

After submitting your Passport Agency’s details, you will receive an email letting you know that your request for a new agency account has been received and will be manually verified by the MyDirectPlan team.


Please note: Your information will be verified and you will be notified through a second email when your account can now be accessed.


Step 5:

Once your Agency Profile and initial Main Admin account has been approved, please login via the link within the email or directly at:


Please feel free to bookmark this website for easy access later on.



Please enter in the email address and password that was created in Step 3.



Step 6:

Follow the instructions to set up your Agency Profile:

  • Select Funding Types your Agency Provides (you can select more than one if it administers more than one Funding Program)
  • Enter/Confirm all Agency Data
  • Provide the First and Last Name of this user (Main Admin)




Step 7:

Once initial set-up of the Agency Profile and first Main Admin has been complete, you will be directed to the main dashboard (more details on this functionality can be found in Section 2.1).