Verifying AI-Generated Expense Fields Before Submission

The MyDirectPlan application considers it highly important to prompt users to verify the accuracy of AI-generated expense fields before saving and/or submitting their expenses. Follow the below guide to ensure precision in your expense form:

  • While adding an expense using AI, you will see a prominent disclaimer message.  This message emphasizes that the MyDirectPlan application utilizes AI technology to automatically extract data from the attached receipts. However, inaccuracies or omissions may exist, and a disclaimer prompts you to review the expense fields before submission.
  • After successfully filling in all required expense form fields, you'll encounter a certification checkbox, before clicking on the "Save" or "Save & Submit" button. It prompts you to certify that you have reviewed all the expense form fields.

The "Save" or "Save & Submit" button becomes active only when you've checked the certification checkbox. This ensures that every submission is acknowledged by you that you have reviewed and validated the AI-recommended data.

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