Type of Notifications You Receive

In the MyDirectPlan application, you can now stay updated more conveniently. We have introduced the in-app Notifications section that will keep you updated about the important announcements and activities related to your account. Here's a guide for you to understand the types/categories of the notifications that the Passport Funding user receives:

  • Verification Status:
    The Person Managing Funds and Recipients receives in-app notifications related to the verification status of their accounts. The categories are mentioned below:
    • Successful Verification.
    • Failed Verification.
  • Invoice Status Updates:
    The MyDirectPlan in-app Notification allows the Person Managing Funds and Recipients to easily track the status of their submitted invoices. They will receive notifications regarding any updates to their invoice status. The categories of invoice status updates are listed below:
    • Action Required Invoice.
    • Invoice Under Review.
    • Invoice Approval.
    • Invoice Cancelled.
  • General Announcements:
    This category of notification provides Passport Funding users with important updates and news regarding policy changes and exciting new developments through the in-app Notifications section.

    Still need help? 

    Please email us at support@mydirectplan.com  so that our support team can assist you.