How to Manage your Fund Settings on the MyDirectPlan Mobile App (Passport)

How to update your Passport Funding for the current fiscal year on the MyDirectPlan Mobile App (Passport).

This article is for:

  • Passport Users who want to update their update their fund settings using the MyDirectPlan Mobile App.  


If you have Passport Funding and use MyDirectPlan, you are expected to update your Fund Settings via the app at the beginning of each new fiscal year. Your funding will not appear automatically. 


In order to update your fund settings when logged in on the mobile app:

1.  Click on the menu in the upper left corner, as highlighted below:

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 1.51.57 PM

2. You should now see a menu of options. Please select "Account Settings" as shown:

IMG_3028 2


3. Inside your account settings, you will be required to select "fund settings" as shown:

IMG_3029 2-1

4. Your Fund Settings will display the types of funding available to you. Select the type you wish to make changes to:

IMG_3030 2

5. Fill out all required fields and update your mileage rate (if necessary). If you are unsure what your funding allocation or mileage rate is for 2021/2022, please contact your Passport Agency to find out:

IMG_3034 2

6. Click 'Save' and return to your dashboard view. Your dashboard will now display your funding for the current fiscal year. 


Once you've entered your 2021/2022 funding amount, you'll still be able to see your unused balance from the 2020/2021 fiscal year. You can use the "previous," "next," and "current" fiscal year buttons to adjust your dashboard view.

Remember: if you submit any expenses by mail, fax, email or in person, you'll have to manually deduct them from your funding balance in MyDirectPlan.


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