How to Manage Workers on the MyDirectPlan Mobile App (Passport)

This article is for:

  • Passport Users who want to invite support workers and approve hours
    using the MyDirectPlan Mobile App. 

Support Worker accounts allow you to log the work performed by Workers and allows the Workers to verify their days worked, hours and rate/total amount of the expense being claimed for Passport funding. Multiple Workers can be added to your MyDirectPlan account. The Worker(s) will not have access to your personal profile or budget information. Adding your Worker on the MyDirectPlan mobile app is easy!


Follow these steps to add a Worker:


  1. Once you've logged on to MyDirectPlan Mobile App, you can find the Workers tab near the bottom of your phone screen. 
  2. Click on the blue plus button near the top of your phone screen (IMG_0620 ). A pop-up box will appear.
  3. Enter the Worker’s first and last name.
  4. Enter their email address.


5.  Click the blue Invite button.


An email will be sent to the Support/Respite Worker asking them to click on a link to
verify they are your Worker. If they do not have a MyDirectPlan account as a Worker,
they will be prompted to register and complete their Worker profile. If they already have
a MyDirectPlan Worker account, clicking the link will confirm their acceptance of your

*Please note: You will not be able to enter any expenses related to the services your
Worker has provided until they have accepted the MyDirectPlan invitation and their
status says Active.


Worker Statuses

On top of each invited Worker’s name is a MyDirectPlan Invitation status. This status indicates if your Worker has accepted the invitation to set up a MyDirectPlan Worker account.

IMG_0625 2To the right of each invited Worker's name is also their Passport Agency Status. This status indicates whether or not the Worker’s profile information has either not been verified by the Payment Processing Office.


MyDirectPlan Invitation Status:

  • Pending: this indicates that the invitation has been sent, but a response has not yet
    been given by the Worker.
  • Active: this indicates that the Worker has accepted the invitation.
  • Declined: this indicates that the Worker has chosen to decline the invitation. If
    this occurs, you should contact your Worker directly. If this was done in error,
    please delete your Worker from your Manage Workers page and then re-invite
  • Inactive: this indicates you have deactivated a previously active Worker so they
    no longer appear in your list of Workers when adding expenses.
  • Added by P1: this indicates that the Payment Processing Office changed one of
    your “Other” expenses into a “Support/Respite/Education Worker” expense. If
    this is done and the Worker does not exist already on your MyDirectPlan
    account, the Worker is then added to your list and is given this status. You will
    need to invite this Worker in order to enter expenses for this Worker yourself.


Passport Agency Status:

  • Unverified – this indicates that the Worker’s profile information has either not been verified by the Payment Processing Office or the information in the Worker account is not the same as recorded with your Passport Agency. Please contact your Passport Agency if the information entered by your Worker is correct and matches what you have recorded with your Agency. 
  • Verified – this indicates that the Worker’s profile information has been verified by the Payment Processing Office.


How to Approve Support Work Hours:

Workers are required to verify their hours before you can submit their expenses to the Regional office. Once you save the Support Worker expenses, an email will be sent to the Worker asking them to verify their hours worked.

  1. Once you've logged into MyDirectPlan on the mobile app using your worker account,  click on the Manage Expenses icon on the lower navigation bar.
  2. Click on the three black dots on the far right of an expense and click either Approve or Reject. 

Still need help? 

Please email us at  so that our support team can assist you.