How to Add/Connect an Organization on MyDirectPlan

The MyDirectPlan application allows Passport Funding users to add Organizations so that they can submit the expenses related to them. Learn how to connect your MyDirectPlan account with an organization:

  1. Log in to your MyDirectPlan account.
  2. From the left-hand side menu, locate and click on the "Manage Organizations" section.
  3. Within the Manage Organizations section, find the "Add Organization" button and click on it.
  4. A search interface will appear. Enter the name of the organization you want to add.
  5. The system will display a list of relevant organizations based on your search.
  6. Locate your desired organization from the list and click the "Connect" button beside it.
  7. If your desired organization is not on the list, click the option “click here” to add a new one.
  8. Fill in the organization's name and click on the "Add Organization" button.
  9. The organization is now connected to your account.

Still need help? 

Please email us at  so that our support team can assist you.