How to Access Help and Resources Related to MyDirectPlan Application

The users can access Help and Resources related to the MyDirectPlan application in two ways:

  1. Access via Section-Related Help:
    • Each module/section includes YouTube and Knowledge Base icons, placed at the top-right of the application. These icons help the users access help resources specific to the active/selected section.
    • Click on the YouTube icon to open YouTube videos related to the selected section. For example, if you are in the Dashboard section, then you will be taken to the YouTube video regarding the Dashboard section.
    • Similarly, clicking on the Knowledge Base icon takes you to the Knowledge Base articles related to the selected section.

  2. Access via "Help and Resources" Section:
    • To access the "Help and Resources" section, log in to your MyDirectPlan account and navigate to the "Help and Resources" option, available in the left-hand side menu.
    • Clicking on "Help and Resources" opens a new screen containing a variety of resources for Help. The Help section includes:
      • Instructional YouTube Videos related to the MyDirectPlan application.
      • Knowledge Base for all Funding Types.
      • Program Information.
      • Contact Information for the SSAH Regional Offices and Passport Agencies.
      • Details of the Customer Support hours.
      • Contact Us details.
      • Options to Schedule a Call and Send a Message to MyDirectPlan support.

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