User Roles Explained (SSAH)

SSAH Account Types

On MyDirectPlan, there are a variety of different user types, and in this article we are going to cover what each user type is for, and their responsibility when it comes to managing SSAH funding. 

When registering for a MyDirectPlan account with SSAH funding, you will be required to create a Person Managing Funds (Fund Administrator account). 

Account Types

Person Managing Funds (Fund Administrator)

You will be required to create a Person Managing Funds (Fund Administrator) profile. The Person Managing Funds is the person who manages and administers the funding on behalf of a recipient. This is often a family member or caregiver of the recipient. They can perform actions such as: updating profiles, adding and submitting expenses, as well as reviewing invoices and managing the budget plan. . 

Person Managing Funds 2 (Fund Administrator 2)

The Person Managing Funds 2 (Fund Administrator 2) is an optional profile. This user has the same functionalities as the Fund Administrator 1, however they will log in with a different password and email. 

The Person Managing Funds 2 must be invited once per each recipient. They will also show as an alternate contact on your SSAH invoices.


The Recipient is the individual for whom funds have been approved for by the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services. The recipient profile is a required portion of creating your SSAH account.

Support Worker Accounts

A MyDirectPlan account may have multiple worker accounts associated with it. These accounts allow your workers to verify the days worked, hours and rate/total amount of the expense being claimed for SSAH Funding.

Workers do not have access to your personal profile or any budget information. 

You can read more on how to add Support Worker accounts in this knowledge base article. 


The Account Inheritor is an optional profile. The account inheritor does NOT inherit the funds associated with the account. Rather, they only have the ability to manage your MyDirectPlan account. The Account Inheritor profile remains inactive until the Fund Administrator 1 can no longer manage the account. 

To activate the account inheritor, please contact MyDirectPlan support directly. Contact details can be found below.

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