Submitting an Expense Over Two Fiscal Years and Future Expenses (SSAH)

This article is for:

  • SSAH Users who want to submit an expense over two fiscal years or submit an expense for the future. 


Expenses that cross two fiscal years

When entering expenses for SSAH funding, your expense cannot cross two fiscal years. Please only submit the claim for the expenses incurred on/before March 31st by prorating the expenses for this period. Make sure to confirm that you have sufficient funding to support this expense. 

The remaining balance incurred during the next fiscal year as of April 1st is to be submitted once you have received your authorization for the next fiscal year.


Expenses Incurred at a Future Date

When entering expenses for SSAH funding, you cannot submit expenses for a future date, and you will need to wait until the day of the service being incurred for you to be able to submit the expense successfully. The only exception to this rule is for camp expenses. When submitting Mainstream and Specialized Camp / Recreational Program expenses, the Start and End Date can be dated for the future. The Payment date, however, must occur on the present date or earlier in order to submit the expense.


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