Understanding your Invoice Status (Passport)

Learn what the different invoice statuses mean on your submissions and what you need to do in each scenario.

This article is for:

  • Passport users who want to understand their Invoice Status. 


One of the best parts about MyDirectPlan is that you can view statuses on the invoices you've submitted to your Passport Agency! These statuses tell you what stage of the approval process your submission is currently in. The MyDirectPlan system communicates directly with the Payment Processing Office to update these statuses regularly. Here, we're going to break down what each status means and what action (if any) you need to take in each of these scenarios. 

*Please note that these statuses are updated by and reflect the decisions / process of the Payment Processing Office, not MyDirectPlan. We do not have any control over the status of your invoice, and any issues you may face should kindly be directed to your Passport Agency, as they will have more information available. 

Finding your invoice section:

once you have submitted an expense to the Passport Agency, you will have the ability to view the status of your invoice in the Invoices section of your account. In order to get to the Invoices section of your account, you can locate it on the left hand side of MyDirectPlan, as indicated below:

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 2.11.54 PM

Once you are inside the Invoices section of MyDirectPlan, you will see invoices that you have submitted, as well as their status, as indicated below: 

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 3.36.17 PM


Understanding your invoice statuses:



If your Invoice status shows as "REJECTED," this is likely because your Passport Agency has rejected your reimbursement claim. In this event, your funds will be added back to your budget on MyDirectPlan, and your dashboard will reflect this change.

If you believe your submission was rejected in error by the Passport Agency, you must contact them directly as they are the only one who can provide further information on why the expense was rejected and what the next steps may be. 

Not sure who to contact?



When you submit an invoice on MyDirectPlan, your status automatically changes to "UNDER REVIEW." This means that this status may appear before your invoice has had a chance to actually be reviewed. Because of this, users should avoid contacting their Passport Agency regarding this status for at least 1-2 business days after their submission. The status will be updated if anything changes.

You should continue to watch MyDirectPlan to see if this status is updated. We currently recommend that if your status has been 'Under Review' for more than one week and you would like more information, that you please contact your Passport Agency. 

Not sure who to contact?



If your invoice status is shown as "APPROVED," this status indicates that your reimbursement claim has been accepted and approved ✨(yay!).

Please note that claims that are partially approved will still be marked as Approved and the partial payment will be indicated on the submission. The amount that was not approved will automatically be returned to the 'remaining funds' section of your budget on your MyDirectPlan dashboard. If you see your invoice status is Approved but you have not yet received your reimbursement, please contact your Passport Agency for further information.  

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If your invoice status shows as "ACTION REQUIRED," this status indicates that the Passport Agency has reviewed your claim and an edit is required or your submission failed validation.

**** Please note: No further action will be taken by the Passport Agency regarding this invoice (nor will it be visible to your Passport Agency) until you review the claim ❗

Please review and make requested changes. Click on the invoice to view the details. To see our article with a breakdown of the most common reasons invoices go into 'Action Required,' click here.  



If your invoice status is reflected as "CANCELLED," this status indicates that you previously had an invoice in "ACTION REQUIRED" and you have manually cancelled the submission after review. These expenses can no longer be changed and their values will have been added back to your  'Funds Available' section of your budget on your MyDirectPlan dashboard. If these expenses have been cancelled in error and you need help resubmitting them, please fill out a contact form to contact our support team.


How to get in touch with your Passport Agency