How to Submit an Invoice (SSAH)

How to submit your SSAH expenses to your Ministry Regional Office

Once you have reviewed your saved expenses and are satisfied that they are accurate, you can then submit them to your Ministry Regional Office. 

When submitting expenses for SSAH funding, a standardized PDF claim form will be generated and submitted to your Ministry Regional Office with all attached receipts. 


  • Only expenses with the status Saved can be selected for submission. 
  • Future dated expenses can be entered into MyDirectPlan but the expense cannot be selected for submission until the expense date of the provided service equals the current date or later. 

To submit your SSAH expenses to your Ministry Regional Office:

1. Click on the "Manage Expenses" icon in the left-hand navigation bar. Make sure that you have selected "SSAH" Funding under funding type.

2. Check the check boxes next to the expenses you wish to submit or check the "Select
All" box to select all the displayed expenses.

3. Click the "Create Invoice" button.


4. A pop up box will appear asking you to confirm the action. Click the checkbox to
agree to the disclaimer and click "Next".

Capture25. You will have the option to "Review", "Download" or "Submit the expenses" to your
Ministry Regional Office.


6. If you click "Review", you will be shown a preview of the invoice generated.

7. If you click "Download", your invoice and all attached receipts for the selected
expenses will be downloaded to your computer so they can be submitted manually
by you by fax, mail, or drop off. When this action is complete, the status of the
selected expenses will change from Saved to Downloaded. Please note that
downloading for manual submission will remove the ability to later electronically
submit via the “Submit to Agency” button.

*Note: The Parent/Caregiver signature field is left blank when you choose to
manually submit your invoice. Please ensure this form is signed before submitting
them to your Regional Office.

8. If you click "Submit to Agency", your expenses will be submitted electronically via
MyDirectPlan to the Ministry Regional Office you selected in Fund Settings. A copy
of your SSAH invoice will be sent to your Regional Office with all attached receipts
and supporting documents and an electronic signature will be placed on the invoice.
When this action is completed, a copy of your submission will be stored in the
Invoices section of your account.

Congratulations! You have officially submitted an invoice! 😊

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